Exchange Of Experts

Exchange of Experts

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The costs for travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the Exchange of Experts Programme. The Programme Team will organise the following for you:

Outward/Return Journey & Transfers

  • The Programme Team will reserve and purchase the necessary airline return tickets and/or train tickets.
  • In case of traveling by car, the cost will be reimbursed at the rate of one first class rail ticket for the same journey and on the same day.
  • Transfer of experts from the airport or train station in the arrival country to the place of accommodation/exchange venue and back is covered by the Programme. This will be made with public transportation (when not available, taxis may be considered). The transfer can be organized by the Host organisation, in which case the Programme can reimburse the transfer costs by request.
  • Other daily transfers required for the activity such as in-country trips to visit specific sites/institutions are not covered by the Programme and the Host organisation is invited to make proper arrangements in this respect.
  • The Programme team will not make any arrangements to/from the airport/train station in the departure country. The costs of local arrangements in the departure country are not eligible to be covered by the Programme.

The Programme Team will select, book and procure the necessary accommodation for the duration of your exchange.

Will be booked in the hotel/accommodation or provided by the host organisation.

All travel documents such as flight tickets, train tickets and relevant information will be sent to you in a timely manner before the exchange.

Please note that no expenses can be reimbursed unless agreed upon with prior written authorisation from the Programme Team.