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Exchange of Experts

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What is the Exchange of Experts Programme?

The Programme gives civil protection experts the opportunity to share experiences, gain valuable knowledge and strengthen operational skills by a system of exchange. Experts can either apply to go on an exchange, or civil protection organisations can invite expert(s).

The duration of the exchange can vary in length from a few days up to three months. Typically, the length is five working days. You can go on an exchange by yourself or in a small group. The maximum number of experts per group is 10, for the exchanges with participation of experts from multiple eligible countries.

Go on an exchange Civil protection experts can visit one or more organisations in one or more countries, though, the last not during the same exchange. You could, for example, observe operational structures in the visited country, learn new techniques and study the approaches taken by other emergency services. You could also, for example, attend simulation exercises as observers or attend trainings to gain expert knowledge not available in your country.

Invite an expert: Expert(s) from a different state are invited by you (the host organisation) to, for example: observe operational structures in your country; learn new techniques; attend workshops or conferences; participate in training courses or simulation exercises. You could also invite experts as trainers to your organisation.
The Exchange of Experts Program thereby makes a significant contribution to the ongoing development of the UCPM – Union Civil Protection Mechanism – and builds capacity in the field of civil protection.

Who is responsible for the Exchange of Experts Programme?
The Exchange of Experts Programme is funded by the European Commission.
CN-APELL RO, Romania, is the programme coordinator, being supported by its consortium partner – the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situation – IGSU, Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs.