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Exchange of Experts

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CN APELL-RO – National Centre APELL for Disaster Management Foundation

IGSU – Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations

Exchange of Experts in civil protection programme

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The contents of the website are intended to facilitate public access to information and current news of the project “Exchange of Experts in Civil Protection” and to give the target audience of experts and organisations a suitable image of the project convey. Furthermore, the target groups should be allowed to apply for the exchange programme. The accuracy, timeliness, completeness, comprehensibility and availability of the provided information will be carefully considered.

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Messages: The editorship asks the users of for illegal or incorrect contents of third parties, to which in the Internet presence a link is maintained, if necessary to make attentive. Likewise, a message is requested at the specified contact address if own content is not error-free, up-to-date, complete and understandable.


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