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Can I be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses?

Only pre-authorised expenses are covered under the Exchange of Experts Programme. Generally, this does not include out-of-pocket expenses. For detailed information please consult the Programme Guidelines and the information provided under Financial Issues.

Who is my designated National Training Coordinator?

A list of participating countries National Training Coordinators’ can be found here.

When do I receive my Certificate of Participation?

A certificate will be issued when all relevant exchange documents have been submitted to and validated by the Programme Team (attendance list, evaluation form, field report endorsed by the NTC, etc.). An online certificate for the experts and the host will be generated and accessible for the participants from their accounts.

How can I access my account if I don’t remember the password?

All you need is to remember the email address used to create an account on EoE platform. Once your email address is introduced to log in, you have the option to receive by email a one-time password (OTP) or you can choose to change your old password with a new one.

Do I need to create separate accounts for applying as a host or as an expert?

No, once you create an account and you are logged in, in your account dashboard you can select what you are applying for: to host an exchange or to visit another organisation as an expert.

I want to improve my knowledge in a specific civil protection field of expertise but I don’t know where to go.

The Programme Team will assist, if necessary, in finding and selecting a host organisation for the expert and /or assist a host organisation in finding and selecting experts. However, you are encouraged to liaise with your preferred host organisations/experts in advance.