Please read the following information carefully:

Once completed, the application form must be sent to your National Training Coordinator for approval. Without the approval of your National Training Coordinator a participation in the Programme is not possible.

If you apply as a group, each expert must fill in a separate application form and note the names of the other group members on the form.

There are two different application forms, one to go on a exchange as an expert and one to invite an expert(s). They are divided into two parts:

Part A
Here you are asked to provide contact details and your foreign language skills.

Exchange of Esperts

Experts must be able to converse in English and/or the language of the nation(s) visited to ensure a successful exchange. 

Part B and C
Here you are requested to provide details concerning your professional background, as well as your motivation for participation in the exchange, and what you seek from the exchange.

A motivation statement that demonstrates a well-reflected understanding of the anticipated benefits of the exchange is strongly recommended to gain approval for the exchange.

If you have pre-selected an exchange partner, enter the name(s) and contact information in the application form. Next, you are asked to indicate your preferred dates for the exchange. Your application has a greater likelihood of success if you provide several dates, unless your exchange is linked to a specific event.

In the event that you are unexpectedly prevented from taking part in the exchange, you are requested to provide the name of a replacement candidate. This information is mandatory, and will be considered binding; it ensures that the scheduled exchange continues according to plan.
Please note that only fully completed applications that meet the Exchange of Experts Guidelines can be considered.

Before submitting the application you will be requested to confirm that all the details completed in the form are correct, to agree with the conditions from the programme guidelines, to confirm holding the appropriate language skills and to give your consent for the processing your personal data as explained in the programme privacy statement.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Exchange of Experts Programme Team.