• Would you like to import specific know-how?
  • Would your organisation benefit from learning how other countries tackle civil protection issues?
  • Do you have a level of expertise that others can benefit from?

The Exchange of Experts Programme enables you to invite civil protection experts from abroad to demonstrate your competence and working methods and find out how others might deal with similar situations. The Programme Team is happy to assist you identify suitable experts and/or organisations with specialist knowledge in the field of civil protection.

The Programme offers host organisations the opportunity to make new contacts, enter into new partnerships and extend existing professional networks.

Apply here to invite expert(s)

The application process
Once you have submitted your application the Programme Team can assist in identifying suitable expert(s) for the purpose of the exchange. Please note that experts from other states need to seek approval from their respective National Training Coordinators. Experts cannot participate in the Programme without the approval of the National Training Coordinators. We advise you to appraise you National Training Coordinator of your intentions as early as possible. 
As soon as your guest experts’ transport and accommodation have been booked, the Programme Team will send you their travel guide, which contains all relevant information concerning the exchange. The Programme Team is always grateful for suggestions regarding accommodation options for visiting experts.

Please note: If, contrary to expectations, the exchange schedule approved by the European Commission cannot be implemented, the Programme Team will ask the host organisation to propose an alternative schedule of the same standard.

Financial matters
The Exchange of Experts Programme will pay for your guests’ travel and lodging out of project funds in accordance with the standards stipulated by the European Commission.

Reporting on the exchange
Feedback plays an important role in the ongoing refinement of the Exchange of Experts Programme and has contributed greatly to the success of the Programme over the past years. It helps both the Programme Team to improve future exchanges and is a useful instrument to help you reflect and elaborate upon the benefits and lessons learned from the exchange.

Complete the online Evaluation form after the exchange.

Following the exchange, your organisation will receive a certificate of participation from the Exchange of Experts Programme.


Exchange of Esperts