The Exchange of Experts Programme and the UCPM are continuously evolving.

To better respond to the ongoing changes and challenges in the UCPM, but also to find better ways to cover the continuous needs for development and knowledge of the experts and the organizations in the civil protection field, the Programme Team and the European Commission will highly appreciate every input.

For this purpose, the exchanges are assessed through mandatory Evaluations and Field Reports.

Exchange of Esperts

1. Evaluations

Experts participating in an exchange are required to submit an evaluation form within a week following their exchange. The evaluation forms provide the Exchange of Experts Programme with feedback about the individual exchanges and the Programme. This feedback is important to help improve the Programme and provide host organizations with feedback. Please follow the link below to complete the form.

Expert evaluation form - to be completed by every expert participating in an exchange
Host evaluation form - to be completed by the organization hosting the exchange

2. Field Reports

The Field reports are reflections upon the exchanges including lessons learned, if and how the objectives of the exchange were met and how the knowledge and exchange of expertise is of benefit. The reports are also a valuable resource for interested parties about the focus of the exchange and the Exchange of Experts Programme. 
Field Reports are to be submitted to the Programme Team, generally within 30 days after completing the exchange. With your permission, they are published on the website.