COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

Unfortunately, the dynamic of the COVID-19 pandemic situation is still not favouring the restart as usual of the exchanges of expertise activities, by physical meetings.

However, we are happy to inform you that the Exchange of Experts programme offers the possibility that in an online environment set-up and managed by the Programme Team, experts can meet, share good practices and experience and gain valuable knowledge, by sharing documents, presentations or photo - video materials, but also can plan for a future exchange (physical meeting to run as a linked but independent exchange), with the purpose of putting in practice/implementing the outcomes of the online exchange, the theoretical knowledge and operational skills gained, event that will take place when the situation becomes favourable for travelling abroad.

The application procedure remains the same, by filling the application form below.


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Online exchanges - Minimum Requirements

- Minimum duration of the exchange: 1-1.5 days, with an average duration of 2-3 days
- Daily meeting duration: 12 hours with an average of 6 hours/day
- Participants’ presence in the online exchange is mandatory. The system will generate a participation certificate, and a presence of less than 50% of the overall time will not be considered as effective participation in the exchange.
- Online exchange topics should meet the objectives of the Exchange of Experts programme, which can be found on the programme website.
- The participating experts are required to submit a joint report within 30 days of the online exchange. The report should describe the objectives of the exchange, the activities carried out, the results achieved and the added value of the exchange (according to the template available on the EoE Webpage). Individual field reports by the experts taking part can also be made through the website platform after the exchange takes place.
- The online exchanges will be held through ZOOM. Each participating expert is required to have an active ZOOM account and access to the ZOOM platform. A personal account can be created when first attending a zoom meeting by accessing the signing-up option from within the application, but we recommend that experts should register to the ZOOM platform by creating a personal account prior to attending an exchange.
* All Exchange of Experts online exchanges will be recorded. The recording can be accessed for up to 30 days afterwards only by the online exchange participants, for use in writing the online exchange report. By agreeing to attend the online exchange, the experts agree to the recording of sessions.

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