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Field Reports

Field reports from the project cycle 10/2014-10/2016 are published here:

The Portugese National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC) hosted 5 Experts from Sweden in Lisbon. The exchange focused upon ANPC measures in the areas of local resilience, risk assessment and public awareness.
Field Report Exchange 302

5 Experts from Italy and Greece conducted an exchange to Iceland to examine the seismic and volcanic risk assessment structures of the Icelandic Civil Protection authorities.
Field Report Exchange 256

5 Experts from Austria, Romania and Sweden travelled to Luxembourg to examine emergency capacities and structures.
Field Report Exchange 322

3 Experts from Portugal and Spain were invited by MSB to examine one of the largest forest fires to have occured in Sweden in modern times. The area of Västmanland was afflicted by a large forest fire in the summer of 2014.
Field Report Exchange 310

5 Spanish Experts from Catalonia visited colleagues in Norway to share expertise in the fields of forestry, risk assessment, and the recruitment of volunteers.
Field Report Exchange 315

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10 Experts from Austria and Germany were invited by the St. John Rescue Corps of Malta to share expertise in the fields of refugee camp management, high-angle rescue, casualty extrications and cliff rescue.
Field Report Exchange 308

The Hellenic Fire Corps of Patras, Greece, hosted 8 experts from fire services in Norway, the Netherlands and Cyprus for an exchange focusing on wildfire response and evacuation in low-density populated rural areas, including a full-scale 2 day firefighting exercise.
Field Report Exchange 321

5 experts from the Estonian Rescue Board visited the State Fire Brigade Association Rhineland-Palatinate (Landesfeuerwehrverband), Koblenz, Germany.
The experts wanted to examine the involvement of volunteers in civil protection structures, fire services and training in Germany.
Field Report Exchange 319

11 Experts from Portugal, France, Germany and Czech Republic participated in a conference hosted by the District Headquarter of the State Fire Service of Brzeg, Poland. The conference compared different approaches to integrating specialised rescue activites within the national civil protection systems.
Field Report Exchange 328

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16 Experts from 15 countries participated in an exchange to Finland. The exchange also included observing the Barents Rescue 2015, a bi-annual, multi-sectorial cooperation in the field of emergency prevention, preparedness und response between the four countries in the Barents region. The following Field Reports were submitted by Experts:

1 - Field Report Exchange 332_344

2 - Field Report Exchange 332_344

7 experts from the Norwegian fire services report on their exchange to Catalonia, Spain. The focus of the exchange was wildfire response and command & control methods. An EAMI exercise regarding forest fires in high mountains was also conducted.
Field Report Exchange 316

The Companhia de Bombeiros Sapadores de Setúbal (CBSS) hosted an exchange for 10 experts on the subject of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR). The exchange included a full-scale exercise - EU SETEX - intended to improve the CBSS with knowledge and experience in structuring and establishing a Portugese multidisciplinary Medium-USAR Team.
Field Report Exchange 311

10 Experts from Sweden examine the local resilience structures in Lisbon, Portugal including local risk assessment and risk awareness measures.
Field Report Exchange 333

The National Operations Centre (LOCC) of the Netherlands hosted six Estonian experts. The focus of the exchange included many aspects of the Dutch Crisis Response System. Among them: risk management models (national/regional/local), emergency preparedness and preparation for scenarios such as flooding.
Field Report Exchange 340

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The Hungarian Ministry of Interior, National Directorate General for Disaster Management (MoI NDGDM) hosted 5 Estonian Experts in an exchange focused on crisis communications.
Communication strategies, public information broadcasting and technical infrastructure (IT) were examined.
Field Report Exchange 353

Two experts members of the United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team (UKISAR) were exhcanged to Hungary to provide training on timber shoring to the Hungarian National Organisation for Rescue Services (HUNOR). HUNOR is an INSARAG classified Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR). Their latest reclassification was in 2012. The team were recommended to improve their shoring capacity which the UK experts assisted them with.
Field Report Exchange 365

An expert from the Norweigan Fire Service Rescue School (Norges Brannskole – NBSK) participated in an exchange to the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service in the UK. The purpose of the exchange was to ascertain which equipment is used in the UK training system in order to purchase new equipment for the training school.
Field Report Exchange 368

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Rescue College and the Estonian Rescue Board hosted three expert instructors from the Lviv State University of Life Safety Ukraine in an exchange focused on best practices in EU rescue training systems and the exploration of different higher education models in the field of civil protection and fire safety.
Field Report Exchange 339

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The National Operations Center (LOCC) of the Netherlands hosted five experts from the Hellenic Fire Corps, Greece, to focus on best practices in the areas of CBRN, information management and emergency coordination.
Field Report Exchange 314

An expert from the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) visited the Dutch Resilience Department within the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) of the Ministry of Security and Justice. The main focus of the exchange was to develop a mutual understanding of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) methods and approaches.
Field Report Exchange 304

Three Estonian experts participated in an exchange to Slovenia to examine the Slovenian Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) system and CBRN planning and response at the national level. The exchange attempted to identify different approaches and working methods as well as organisational structures in Slovenia.
Field Report Exchange 305

Experts from the Hamburg Fire Service Academy participated in an exchange to the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of Interior of Hungary an exchange. The focus of the exchange included the comparison of disaster management structures in both countries and cross-border cooperation. The proposed exchange gave the German experts an introduction into a non-German fire service and disaster response organization.
Field Report Exchange 312

Five Greek seismic risk management experts from the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (EPPO), Greece, were exchanged to the Azores and mainland Portugal to examine methodologies, risk assessment methods and procedures in relation to seismic events and volcanic activity.
Field Report Exchange 320

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Two volcanic risk experts from Italy were exchanged to Iceland and hosted by the Department for Civil Protection and Emergency Management. The main focus of the exchange was to share and improve the knowledge about: volcanic risk assessment on active volcanoes; coordination activities and emergency management during volcanic eruptions and GIS and web-based tools for volcanic risk assessment.
Field Report Exchange 317

Luxembourg is embarking on an internal reform of the rescue services that will involve merging the civil protection departments and the fire / rescue services. The Luxembourgish Rescue Services Agency invited a senior French expert to share his knowledge regarding organisational and chain of command structures of the French civil protection system.
Field Report Exchange 384

Experts from the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus were invited on an exchange to the Czech Republic, hosted by the Fire Rescue Service. The goal was to demonstrate fire prevention, investigation and operational techniques to the visiting expert group.
Field Report Exchange 352

Swedish and Spanish experts participated in an exchange hosted by the ADAI/Centre for Forest Fire Studies in Coimbra, Portugal. The exchange continued the work initiated during the exchange in Sweden (EX 310) on forest fire prevention, surpression, investigation and research.
Field Report Exchange 349

Experts from the Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira, Portugal were hosted by the Austrian Department for Operations, Crisis and Disaster Coordination and the Department of Civil Protection, Government of Tyrol.
The exchange focused on preparedness concerning flashfloods, landslides and debris flows. The team observed Austrian practices, operational organisational models and methods with a view to improving Madeiran civil protection authorities' capacity in such incidents.
Field Report Exchange 338

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Firefighters from the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (TRU Technical Rescue Unit) were hosted on an exchange by the Bombers de Catalunya (GRAE), Spain. The teams participated in rope training exercises and rope rescue techniques.
Field Report Exchange 347
Field Report Exchange 347 - submitted by the hosting organisation GRAE

German experts from the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) and different fire brigades from across Germany participated in an exchange to Poland hosted by the State Fire Service Krakow. The German group has a speciality in mass events planning and preparedness and wanted to share their expertise and observe the state of planning for the upcoming Papal visit to Poland for the World Youth Day in July 2016.
Field Report Exchange 355

Experts from Germany, France and Czech Republic were invited by the Aveiro Federation Fire Fighter's to Portugal for an exchange. The exchange included presentations of national civil protection structures and visits to local civil protection organisations with a view to demonstrating the disaster contingency and preparedness capacities in the Aveiro region.
Field Report Exchange 377

In preparation for an INSARAG reclassification exercise a Hungarian K9 unit undertook an exchange to the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Training Center, UK. The K9 unit participated in training sessions and simulated rescue operations. On the return trip the group also exercised at the base for the French rescue dog unit in Janvry, France.
Field Report Exchange 395

Experts from the Polish State Fire Service (PSP) were invited by THW to Berlin, Germany to conduct a joint Underwater Search-and-Rescue (U-SAR) exercise.
Field Report Exchange 331 - report available in Germany only

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Two experts from the Polish Fire Service were invited by the Midlands Fire Rescue Service to the UK to participate in a series of trainings. The trainings included operations, incident response, technical rescue and community engagement methods.
Field Report Exchange 345

A high-ranking Albanian delegation participated in an exchange to Austria hosted by Austrian civil protection authorities and the Austrian State Fire Service.
Field Report Exchange 389

An Estonian delegation visited the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) and THW to learn about German civil protection structures. The fact-finding mission is intended to assist in the development of a national civil protection strategy for Estonia.
Field Report Exchange 405

Experts from Estonia (Estonian Government Office, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice) participated in an exchange to Norway. The aim of the exchange was to collect information and input about civil protection in Norway and use it in developing the Estonian national strategy for civil protection.
Field Report Exchange 407

The Servicio de Protección Civil, Government of Navarra, Spain was invited for a 2-part exchange in April 2016 by the civil protection service of Luxembourg, in order to get to know the emergency organisation framework, and 112 procedures. The host organised a visit to the nearby the Rescue Coordination Center in Trier, Germany, for a comparison of 24/7 operations. Two teams from the SOS Navarra consisted of a total of 19 operator shift chiefs.
Field Report Exchanges 374_375

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The UK Firefighter Technical Rescue Unit, West Sussex County Council invited four experts from the Brigade of Catalonia, GRAE Operations Division - Special Actions Support Group (Bombers de Catalunya, Divisio Operativa GRAE (Grup de Recolzament d'Actuacions Especials), Spain to participate in an exchange involving ISAR climbing rescue techniques and rope rescue methods emergencies in mountain, and water rescue. The exchange also included a USAR rescue exercise.
Field Report Exchange 400
Field Report Exchange 400

Experts from the Estonian Rescue Board participated in an exchange to Iceland. The Icelandic Department for Civil Protection and Emergency Management shared their knowledge and expertise on the subject of crisis communications. This included, inter alia, strategies, planning, preparation and response as well as practical and operational implementation in the case of an emergency or disaster.
Field Report Exchange 404

Six experts from the Italian Civil Protection Department participated in an exchange to the Netherlands, hosted by the Ministry of Security and Justice, Resilience Department, Safety Regions Division. The experts were interested in learning about the Netherlands approach to crisis communication for mass alerts with particular reference to the NL-Alert (, a message sending warning system used in case of public threats and civil protection hazards, which uses Cell Broadcast technology.
Field Report Exchange 408

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